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River Rafting

River Rafting

River rafting is an unmatched adventure offering an adrenaline rush in the midst of gushing rapids. It is a challenging and delightful adventure activity in which a rafter navigates through a river. There are several best ways to start a conclusion river rafting destinations all around the globe. In India as well, there are many destinations providing river rafting opportunities. Rishikesh, the rafting capital of India, is arguably the best destination for rafting in India. The turquoise waters of the Ganges render immense scope for rafting here.

No matter whether an adventurer is a novice or an expert, Rishikesh offers the perfect rafting opportunity. This exhilaration is raised to the next level by the breathtakingly beautiful surroundings. A number of rapids across different grades and stretches make it convenient for all rafters to choose the excursion as per their skills. Let’s explore all the important aspects of rafting in Rishikesh.

The different grades of rapids in Rishikesh:

The rapids are categorized based on the level of how to start a conclusion paragraph in an essay the challenges they offer. In total, there are six grades of rapids found around the globe. In Rishikesh, five grades of rapids are available:

  • Grade: 1 – Easy navigation across mild streams. Almost no risk involved.
  • Grade: 2 – Holds notably apart obstacles or rocks and proffers easy maneuver.
  • Grade: 3 – Reasonably adventurous rapids and require good judgment.
  • Grade: 4 – These rapids are strong enough to tumble the raft.
  • Grade: 5 – Dangerous rapids. Strictly for experts.

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